Roll the Bones book of fiction

With Roll the Bones, Fight On! takes its first foray into fantastic fiction! These 22 thoroughly thrilling tales feature weird enclaves, black pits, dragons, knights, faeries, love, hate, vengeance, apotheosis, lepers, ostriches, a prodigious golden hoard, and much, much more! If you are looking for weird tales to inspire your own adventures, look no further! With exceptional art by Mark Allen and stories from Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Michael D. Turner, Duncan Sandiland, Alicia Rieske, Tracie McBride, Andrew Knighton, Kristen Lee Knapp, Aaron Kesher, Robert E. Keller, Eric Juneau, A.H. Jennings, John Hitchens, Lance Hawvermale, Julie Frost, Mark Finnemore, James Dorr, Raven Daegmorgan, Melissa Cuevas, and Del Beaudry, this is one anthology of swords & sorcery you won't want to miss. Fight On!

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Roll the Bones is 4.99 in all digital formats, 14.99 in trade paperback print format, and 29.99 for the limited edition hardcover.